Before You Buy.

Before you contact us about kits or installs there are a few things to know:

I am a full time heavy diesel mechanic during the week and regularly work overtime. I generally try to commit at least 20 hours a week to NineStitch. Kits and installs can sometimes take 1-3 weeks due to my busy schedule.

I am located in Staten Island which is part of New York City, I have shipped full interiors before and it is cheaper than you may think if you are willing to package it yourself.

I will mail out samples for free if I have leftover material from a previous kit. If I do not have the material or you would like an entire sample card I can mail it to you for the cost of the sample card plus shipping to you.

Upon decision of materials and agreement of job to be done I require a $20 fully refundable deposit to hold your spot in line when I am backed up.

When your date is upon us I will contact you with information to send a materials deposit which is half of the agreed upon total. Materials generally take a week to be received unless otherwise specified.

All materials are custom materials, these are not OEM BMW materials unless otherwise specified.

Last and foremost, I do this for the community. I am not here to become a millionaire or buy a beach house. I love the E30 chassis more than any other I have ever driven. So give me a call or send me a text to discuss your project or mine and we can get you all situated with the right interior for your project.