About Me.

My story

Owner and Operator of Nine Stitch

When I'm not busy working on heavy machinery or sewing, I enjoy pulling apart perfectly good E30's, road biking, rock climbing, snowboarding and pretty much any thing else where this is a chance of ending up in the hospital.

I started working in the upholstery field when i bought i purchased my first E30 in 2008. A1990 325IS, very clean with a destroyed front seat like so many out there. After calling around for a while I realized not many shops cared about my project or my plans for the car, besides quoting me almost 4 times what i paid for the car. I decided to take the interior on by myself. armed with my mothers 80's sewing machine i went to work. i put a total of 4 complete interiors in that car before i was happy with what i ended up with. There were also a few power upgrades along the way, but that's for another site.

Fast foward 6 years and i decided to start offering my services to the E30 community. Please, i would love to hear about your projects, how you got your E30, how you started with E30's. Give me a call, send me a text message, facebook message, instagram message, email, anything.

I look foward to hearing from all of my fellow E30 Enthusiast.

Thank You
John Christy